Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Catequesis or how to delay with style.

Hello, we have a new video and updates for Catequesis, please take a look and tell us what you think of it.

During this year of development, Catequesis has grown along from a tiny “say hello to my gun, monster” to a “We’re opening the gates of hell, guys”. We now have a strong and deep story, well built characters, new mechanics, monsters, weapons and scenario.

Chico: Oh, looks great, guys, but… where is the game? Your release date is now.

Well, the game is being delayed to 2014 during the “when-it’s-done” season,  and that’s not the only bad news… the Android port of the game will be delayed surely more than 2014.

Chico: What?! This game was the little gem I wanted to play on my smartphone. I need an explanation for this sh*t.

Simple explanation : money. Our target is now a 10$ Indie desktop game. If we put the game at 10$ in Google Play, it will not be worth the time spent in the port because of low sales (and piracy ) we will probably get for it. The game was planned for smartphones, and it still is. We will do it when we can lower the price to 1$. Don’t blame me, yell to my producer Mr. Indie Game Market.

Chico: Ok, I can understand. Let’s talk about the teaser video then. The piece of music is amazing, will be part of the OST of Catequesis?

The track  is “Danza Oriental” by spaniard composer Enrique Granados. But it won’t be part of the game, the soundtrack is being made​​ by Prison Food Sucks, a French composer with experience on electronic and chiptune music.

Chico: Nice, and the action of the game? In this video, Catequesis looks like a mistery-romantic-story-guided game.

Yeah, this is quite not the Action Trailer of the game, that’s for sure. But there are still fights in Catequesis, we will have several weapons, enemies and action situations. But not only that, the player will be able to avoid the enemies with stealth or just running like a chicken.

Chico: Sounds good, so we will have to wait for it. Anything we do for you to help?

That’s a good question, we are looking for a Japanese pal, we want someone who love video games to be part of the project helping us to make a link with Japan. Also we want illustrators to make Catequesis fanart.

Nothing more, now, time to drink some sangria and go fiestas! I mean drink coffee and make video games.  (u_u’)

What the hell, give me a big chorizo of images!