Catequesis is a survival horror game based on 90's RPGs gameplay, with a really strong and immersive story & a 8 bit graphic style. This game will be released for PC, Mac & Linux.

Fact sheet:
Title: Survival Horror Story: Catequesis
Genre: Survival Horror / Action RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Mode: 1 player
Developers: Baroque Decay; Curved Cat Games

Daniel is meeting her girlfriend’s parents for the first time. After dinner, Sophie confesses to him that her father suffers from an incurable disease and the only way to save him is to perform a religious rite led by her neighbour Isabel. Something turns out badly, weird creatures seize the building and Sophie and Isabel disappear. Fate makes Daniel walk along the floors of that old structure and it core, facing different horrors on his attempt to rescue Sophie and end the curse.

The absorbing story of Catequesis has been inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit mid-nineties video games, taking elements from Japanese terror, Catholic religion and so dissimilar authors’ styles as Lovecraft, David Lynch or David Cronenberg.
Among the most evident references, the game shows the ambience of the first Resident Evil and Silent Hill and provides the playability of the early Legend of Zelda, which means a simple and agile way of playing, suitable for any kind of platform (keyboard, touch screen, control pad).
Moreover, SHS: Catequesis follows the same line as successful independent horror works like Lone Survivor, Yume Nikki, Home or Deadly Premonition.

About us:
We are Fran and Max, a Spanish pseudo-artist and a French programmer who want to make a game together. We also have the help of Rodrigo Chico, Enrique Lage & Clement Caignart.

Francisco Calvelo is a multidisciplinary author, with 12 years of experience in design graphic, director of more than 15 audiovisual works, and right now immerse on the indie videogame community. He is founder of Videoclub Misterio, Tantoten Animation, Pakarico Games & right now is working for Pandereta Estudios.

Maxime Caignart is a French programmer. Like many of his kind he has thousand unfinished projects. He has created Curved Cat Games studio and released Tales of Pocoro in 2011.

Rodrigo Chico has x-ray eyes, Enrique spits green acid & Clement stops the time with his ears.