Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Walk around with me creature.

Hello papitos! Here some news about Survival Horror Story: Catequesis.

We've been working for two years on Catequesis… and yeah we will continue creating this amazing world brick by brick. For now, we want to show you a pre-alpha walk around where you can taste the lighting and some features like pushing or place candles.

At this time we are working hard in the battle system, an action based combat with melee and range weapons. Also we are drawing the cutscenes that will bring a special touch to Catequesis.

If you want to be updated please follow us on our new twitter: @baroquedecay

Monday, August 11, 2014

Two years of love

Yeah, two years since that horrible creature woke up from the old cursed book, telling us about make a survival horror game. We were like “whatto?”, because it was speaking in a death language... but finally with some sangrias we understood each other perfectly. He come back to his home in the deep cosmos and us? we started to make the game.

Chico: I don’t remember it.

After this two years, the game is bigger, complex and more ambitious. It is advancing every day since two years, and we are closest to the end than from the beginning. So thank you to supporting us and be patient because this shit worth it.

Friday, June 6, 2014

The guru of Tsuguru

Hola pataliebres, Chico is on vacation... yeah, he is spending his vacation enclosed in a cave, editing the game. And Max is french so he is too important to talk to us directly, he invented a new sign language called Maxiñothegorgeous. So basically I'm here alone taking some pinchos of tortilla. But it is an special day, where Japan and Europe touch their fingers so briefly that the sparks kill all the mosquitos around. Today I am delighted to introduce you to Tsuguru, aka GURU, a Japanese CG artist, with an awesome view. Please take a look at his work and say "Oh my god ! This guy is blowing my mind... in the good way".


Born inside Silent Hill, in his childhood he ate potatos from the backyard filed of Zdzisław Beksiński. When he was older he talked to David Lynch: "Hey man, keep working and you will be good someday", but in Japanese. Also there is a rumor that Giger before dying laid an egg, inside it born a horrible creature and the unique word it said was "GURU, GURU, GURUUUU". ¡Madre mía qué miedo!

Ok, stop joking around people, Guru is an awesome artist and we are really happy because he is collaborating with us bringing a tiny part of his amazing world to Catequesis.

Follow Guru and see his art here:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You should check the closet everynight...

Hola amigos invisibles! We are…

Chico: Shut up already! Where is the game!? I want it NOW.

Easy fella, we have to finish our piñas coladas first, to celebrate Spring time.

Chico: I’m not in piña colada mood, I’m serious, I want my money back!

The good thing is you never gave us any money pal, so chill and be happy. Catequesis is changing. We are taking much time to change some of the game core behaviors. All for good. Trust me, I’m a vile, despicable, mean, miserable spaniard, I am trustworthy.

Ah, ok then. So...what’s the plan?

We are changing some big code shits, and at the same time we are building the game. We want to show a new video soon… very soon, i guess… with a real gameplay. Alongside with this video we would like to release a greenlight campaign to ensure our Steam presence in the future.

Meanwhile look this characters baby!

Chico: Ay mamita, so cute. (T-T)