Friday, December 14, 2012

Survival Horror Story II: The Pain of Spain.

Yeah, I had to write the story of Catequesis in two weeks... ok, it isn't the Quixote, but I did a good structure and defined characters to put the project on tracks. A French producer gave me money to start with the production of the best scary film ever.

Chico: Are you drunk? Stop lying to me and tell me the story of Catequesis!

Yes, I mean, no, the other day I said that the story is ultra important in this game, if I tell you all the plot... sorry, you will have to make an idea with the synopsis written somewhere. But I can tell you about the style & references.

Well, I'm a audiovisual creator, with experience in weird-mystery-scary shortfilms (take a look so I'm a great fan of surrealism of Lynch, (by the way Spain have a great surrealist artist too) I love the new flesh of Cronenberg too, and I have a Japanese mind, with the weird-sick view of Nippon culture, so I put a great example with Deadly Premonition, a deformed copy of Resident Evil and Twin Peaks, with surreal touch of humour and a really great story. Lovecraft is a constant, you can't put monsters in your story and not talk about Lovecraft...

Chico: Looks interesting but what's the last picture?

It is Jesus, amigo mio. A mix between Lynch and Japanese culture is not difficult, so I wanted to put a little Spanish touch. I love the history and I can talk a lot of the Spanish history, we are a country who embrace the religion like no other in Europe, we use it to unify our country and control others countries too... for example the Spanish Inquisition were present in every corner of Europe and America. So the religion deformed Spanish culture in every aspect...  I want to put some of this in my game. 


Chico: The Spanish are always the bad guys in movies. Black, obscure, traditional, greedy, with intrigues and machinations, plundering the Americas in the name of church...

Yes, I love it. So for this reason I wanted to name this game "Catequesis", with the expression in Spanish.

Chico: Ok, sounds cool for me, and even gives some kind of bad feeling the word...

In my head is like Telequinesis but in religion (n_n')

Chico: mmm... or so. Then this word means something in the game right? And are the hero of Catequesis Spanish? Too blond for it...

Daniel isn't Spanish, he is the good guy so... But I will tell you more things in the next post. Saludos!

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