Friday, October 16, 2015

Time to sleep for the creatures of the blood.

Hello amiguitos of los cartuchos de famicom. We have been working really hard during the summer and we have some great news that will blow your mind. Kaboom!

Chico: Oh my! So long that we have no news that I'm dying to know!

The game is cancelled. Bye!

Chico: WHAT!?

Ok, let me explain, the game is not cancelled, it's on hold. A year ago we stopped to drink sangria in the beach and we thought, “hey, this game is so big that we will never finish it”. We have done a lot of the game, but the perspective to finish it was no good because the project is too ambitious. Yes, we fell in the classic trap everybody know about. And it’s fine, is something common, and you have to stop for a second, take a deep breath, get a bit dizzy, and think about a good solution for this issue.

So our solution was this, pick all the features that were already working in the game and put it in a new, smaller & less ambitious game. We will focus our efforts on finish this new game and once it's done, we will continue with Catequesis.

Chico: A new game? Oh pal, this is a nightmare, i mean, all the efforts and work done for Catequesis, and now, a new game?... Also, who can ensure me that we will not fall in the same mistake again? huh? tell me, who… WHO MODAF*KA!?

Nobody... but!

Chico: But?

But, the new game is almost done.

Chico: What? What do you mean with “almost done”?

The game is now close to beta. It means the game is almost done and we are polishing it. We didn’t want to make the same mistake than with Catequesis, doing the hype with nothing finished. So we stayed quiet until now.

Chico: Bastarditos! Ok, then show me the new baby.

Nope, not now, we are preparing all the material for a proper announcement plus greenlight campaign. So you will have to wait… at least one week more. In any case, i will show you a single image.


  1. Oh... Come on guys... REALLY? Please, release Catequesis in Chapters, like Telltale Games. Do it like a TV Show. with an opening credits...

    1. Yes, in the worst case we will release Catequesis that way. But first we will finish our new game, please stay tuned for the next week, if you like Catequesis you will love the new one. Thanks for your support pal.

  2. Whatever, waiting for it!
    Glad you find a way to refactor most of the work done in Catequesis.
    Keep it up o/