Friday, May 31, 2013

I left my visceras into the wrong hands.

Muy buenas people! after the teaser release we have become rich, no finished game needed. Steam, Sony & Nintendo has given us money for our awesome video, so we are planning to leave Catequesis unfinished, as a great and mysterious urban legend, and devote all our time to Fiesta-Siesta duo.

Chico: You’re a liar! nobody has given us money... oh wait... you’re a liar or a bastard!

Be quiet my friend, i’m a big liar, i’m spanish & we are paltry as the devil. Talking about that, our blog ( poll about horror movies is still alive, and the movie winner seems to be “The Exorcist”... what a surprise... ¬_¬

Chico: Fran, what is this post for?

Is for me, like a therapy. I need to tell the people my thoughts about life...

Chico: Show us more Catequesis material and shut the f*ck up!

Wow! That’s the latino passion I want!

In the Teaser we have shown a small part of a small part of Catequesis. But there is much more, like the second floor: the clinic. Dr. Mandeo is specialized in weird illnesses, the word “incurable” is not in his dictionary, he’s young, he’s clever and ambitious, the science is his power and he’s reaching the glory with it. Dr. Mandeo is treating the Sophie’s father, and Daniel will visit him to investigate the disappearance of Sophie. Be careful Daniel, this place is full of weird people!

Chico: Ok, so... where is the Demo? where is the Beta? where is the damn game!?

All those things are at the heart of everyone, so everybody raise your arms and pray for it... but you have to pray hard.


  1. Fine! I'll play along with your dirty ways! I pray for the beta to be released onto the unsuspecting players and watch it bring an end to mankin- errrr, wrong prayer. I pray for the demo to be released to shock and terrorize the players. I wonder - does it make us monsters that we can't wait to see Daniel suffer through this hell?

  2. You just scared the crap out of me!! I gone on your webstite and it was deleted. Gone immediatly on google and i've found this post and my heart stopped. I read it more and found out it was a joke.. You count :P

  3. Muahaha, we are playing with your minds... no sorry, is only some kind of problem with the web (U_U')

  4. You shouldn't play with your future players... if we are insane enough to play Catequesis, think what kind of things we could do to you if you leave the game unfinished...

    Eheheeh... ehhehehehe....

    1. Haha :)

      You can always try, we escaped to a sub-dimensional demonic space... Unfortunately, our DNS provider decided that things won't work well from here.

      Well, i must go, Francisco is torturing someone that was being too curious, i don't want to miss that.

  5. In the immortal words of Chico: where is the Demo? where is the Beta? where is the damn game!?

    My arms are getting tired! (kidding!)

    1. jeje, thanks for your support, the game is going well, slow, but well. We have jobs and we only work on the game on our spare time...also I have to drink sangria and go to fiesta, and Max have french cheese & cut heads all the time... but don't worry the game will be finish someday, and the people who put comments will be the one in test it, also the people who give me more money.