Friday, July 12, 2013

Ok, so you need my blood and my body skin, am I right?

Hola chicos & girls, we have tons of new material to show, but we are going to show you only a tiny part, the other part will be send to a non-existent address in New Caledonia. I’m finishing the graphics of the second big part of the game, the second floor, and then will only left the third and last part.

Chico: Hey, this is a survival and I didn’t see any monster yet. This is a big bluff with tense moments but no creatures?

Well, no in Catequesis there are monsters, several creatures, and it is one of the most important aspects in the game.

Chico: Wow, that monk looks sick ... but there will be only 3 kind of monsters like in Deadly Premonition?

No, There will be more than 3 and some of them with several different attacks. These creatures are made of flesh, and I want to use the pink for the monsters in an attempt to link the scary things to a non-scary colour. As you progress in the game the horror and creatures will be more and more surreal and weird, so these are the “usual ones”

Now I want to talk about the poll of our blog ( , here the results:

Which film do you find scarier?
Total Votes: 259
Ringu: 74 (28%)
The Exorcist: 72 (27%)
The Shining: 43 (16%)
Alien: 40 (15%)
Hellraiser: 14 (5%)
Texas C. S. Massacre: 12 (4%)
Jaws: 4 (1%)

Well, I have to admit that the most of the people who vote in this poll are in line with us, because Catequesis want to be a mix between asian horror and religious horror. Basically we are afraid of weird things, so weird that we can’t understand them.
The first 4 films really stir your brains in different ways. Hellraiser 1, is a good film, but more bloody than horror, and looks like the “real” horror like a psycho killer or a psycho animal looks more affordable and easy to understand. We put Ringu, but for me, the really scary one is “Ju-on”.

Fan-arts time, here we have this awesome picture from Roque Romero, he worked with me a year ago, and he really surprises me with this image showing one this things of the game you didn’t see yet, the iron maidens...

Roque Romero
Inspiration tumbrl:

Fran, today I can’t work on Catequesis I’m going to the playa.

Don’t worry Chico, me too, Max will work for us.


  1. Looking good, guys! So what about the soundtrack, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Good question !

    We're currently performing tests with a great 8bit composer we know well.

    If things go well, we may post something about him :)

  3. I've been "stalking" this game for a long time, it looks super-awesome! As much as I want to play this right NOW, I know that rushing things never helped anyone. So keep it up. :)

    1. Thanks Severin !
      You're right, we don't want to rush. We aim to give the player the best we can provide. Rushing or crunch time is not something we plan :)

    2. The artwork and concept are brilliant! Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into it. :) As long as you get it finished by 2020 then I'm a happy camper. ;)

    3. 2020 !!! you monster, think about our families !