Thursday, March 20, 2014

You should check the closet everynight...

Hola amigos invisibles! We are…

Chico: Shut up already! Where is the game!? I want it NOW.

Easy fella, we have to finish our piñas coladas first, to celebrate Spring time.

Chico: I’m not in piña colada mood, I’m serious, I want my money back!

The good thing is you never gave us any money pal, so chill and be happy. Catequesis is changing. We are taking much time to change some of the game core behaviors. All for good. Trust me, I’m a vile, despicable, mean, miserable spaniard, I am trustworthy.

Ah, ok then. So...what’s the plan?

We are changing some big code shits, and at the same time we are building the game. We want to show a new video soon… very soon, i guess… with a real gameplay. Alongside with this video we would like to release a greenlight campaign to ensure our Steam presence in the future.

Meanwhile look this characters baby!

Chico: Ay mamita, so cute. (T-T)


  1. Severin RagnarsonMarch 20, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    Yay, update! :D
    Looking foreward to the gameplay video and greenlight, sweet stuff. ^^

  2. Still alive? Color me shocked! And it's shocking that it's almost been two years.

    1. Two years... ains... how quickly time passes, I remember when it was 3 months, all good words, joy and expectations... now Catequesis is a lazy bastard, fat and ungrateful. Be patient Radical R, if you are, we will send you a exclusive t-shirt of Isabel with the game. ¬_¬