Friday, June 6, 2014

The guru of Tsuguru

Hola pataliebres, Chico is on vacation... yeah, he is spending his vacation enclosed in a cave, editing the game. And Max is french so he is too important to talk to us directly, he invented a new sign language called Maxiñothegorgeous. So basically I'm here alone taking some pinchos of tortilla. But it is an special day, where Japan and Europe touch their fingers so briefly that the sparks kill all the mosquitos around. Today I am delighted to introduce you to Tsuguru, aka GURU, a Japanese CG artist, with an awesome view. Please take a look at his work and say "Oh my god ! This guy is blowing my mind... in the good way".


Born inside Silent Hill, in his childhood he ate potatos from the backyard filed of Zdzisław Beksiński. When he was older he talked to David Lynch: "Hey man, keep working and you will be good someday", but in Japanese. Also there is a rumor that Giger before dying laid an egg, inside it born a horrible creature and the unique word it said was "GURU, GURU, GURUUUU". ¡Madre mía qué miedo!

Ok, stop joking around people, Guru is an awesome artist and we are really happy because he is collaborating with us bringing a tiny part of his amazing world to Catequesis.

Follow Guru and see his art here:


  1. Looks awesome!
    And with an artist like that on-board I'm foreseeing some awesome game designs. :D

    1. His awesome work is an inspiration for a specific part of the game.

  2. With every update, you make me want this game more.

    I hate you guys.