Monday, August 11, 2014

Two years of love

Yeah, two years since that horrible creature woke up from the old cursed book, telling us about make a survival horror game. We were like “whatto?”, because it was speaking in a death language... but finally with some sangrias we understood each other perfectly. He come back to his home in the deep cosmos and us? we started to make the game.

Chico: I don’t remember it.

After this two years, the game is bigger, complex and more ambitious. It is advancing every day since two years, and we are closest to the end than from the beginning. So thank you to supporting us and be patient because this shit worth it.


  1. and after 2 years i still hope every day that i see a releasedate on that page :D

  2. Same for us,
    But i'm afraid that we will know the release date when the game will be ready to release actually ;)